Most surveys promise to keep your identity confidential — but are you sure they do?

Ansanon never gathers names or contact info, so respondents know their identity and privacy are safe. They deliver more honest, trustworthy answers through our truly anonymous surveys.

Ansanon: When You Want the Truth

Ansanon for Staff is a new web-based survey tool engineered to gather uninhibited, candid employee and staff feedback more effectively than the many email-based survey platforms now available fo the workplace. Our difference: Ansanon uses truly anonymous surveys, so respondents know their identities cannot possibly be linked to their supervisor evaluations, climate assessments, engagement, satisfaction or any other potentially sensitive measurement topics.

Most other survey firms and tools offer only confidentiality. Researchers know your identity but promise not to reveal it to anyone else. Survey participants feel only as safe as the limits of their trust, and that’s a real problem if, perhaps, your organization is trying to measure trust and suspicious staff don’t participate. Survey scientists call that “nonresponse bias” and it can seriously damage your survey’s power and validity.

Ansanon uses physical, unique survey keys or individually numbered stickers, distributed to your staff such that nobody knows who received any specific key, to ensure user anonymity. It’s how we avoid gathering any identifying information from respondents while ensuring only qualified people can log into the survey.

Truly Relevant

Sexual harassment (and worse) in the workplace is an increasingly visible and serious problem today, and all organizations should be concerned about creating and maintaining a safe workplace, where all staff members feel respected and valued. Ansanon for Staff provides an ideal way for organizations to understand and monitor workplace climate, alerting them when action is needed and helping guide their response. To demonstrate its commitment to a safe work environment, your organization can establish a proactive, ongoing, affordable workplace assessment program with Ansanon for Staff. You don’t want any of your people saying “there’s a culture of harassment here and management doesn’t know or care.” That’s a recipe for lost productivity — and legal exposure.

Truly Insightful

One-shot surveys are like flash pictures, showing a moment in time. Those basic results are displayed on the Snapshot screen in the dashboard. If you want to bump things up a notch, to see how your people’s responses have changed over time, use the Trends screen on the dashboard.

Want to compare how your staff answered Question “X” with how other Ansanon customers answered it? Look at the Comparatives tab, a feature rarely available with other survey platforms. And if you want to compare group responses (say, salaried versus hourly employees), you can quickly set that up on the Crosstabulation tab. All told, Ansanon for Staff delivers very powerful (yet very user-friendly) analytic and reporting tools.

Truly Easy to Use

Ansanon for Staff makes it easy to build and field a good questionnaire, because our Ph.D. survey experts have already done the heavy lifting, writing all the questions in the Master Collection, or “MC” (and considering customer suggestions for new ones all the time). Multiple choice, number scale, textbox, agree/disagree items — almost all question types live in the MC and can be used on your questionnaire if you wish. Just drag-and-drop items from the MC into your own questionnaire screen, and that’s what your people will see when they complete the survey.

When your survey is “out there” doing its job, you can track what’s happening through the Ansanon dashboard. How many people have taken the survey since it launched? It’s on the dashboard. What’s the average rating they’re giving on your workplace comfort scale? There’s a graph for that. If you’re interested in a specific time frame (perhaps after a momentous event), it’s easy to narrow down the displayed results to a certain calendar window.

Truly Satisfied Clients

Present and past Everett Group and Ansanon Clients

Truly Affordable

Ansanon for Staff is offered as an annual subscription, with customers purchasing however many survey keys they wish to field (each key yields one completed questionnaire). Larger organizations will probably buy more survey keys to measure a bigger workforce, while small customers need to buy far fewer keys. The Ansanon platform supports one-shot surveys (one key, one person, one use), longitudinal surveys (one key, one person, multiple surveys over time) and custom studies (turnkey surveys designed and executed for you by Ansanon’s experts — often valuable when you’ve identified something interesting in your own survey and you wish to drill down to gain more insight).

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Truly Experienced

You might be wondering — who are the people behind Ansanon, and what are their qualifications? The tools have been developed by senior social scientists of the Everett Group (, very experienced audience researchers with a successful 20-year track record of work for government and commercial clients. We’ve designed and fielded hundreds of surveys and focus groups, mainly for the U.S. Air Force Office of Public Affairs and for NASA. Our senior staff members each have more than 30 years of experience in the survey and opinion research field and have helped lead the industry as officers in preeminent professional research organizations. We’ve also taught opinion and survey research methods and concepts for many years at major universities. We know our stuff.

Ansanon® is a new name in the research business, but the developers and creators of the platform are not. Since 1999, Dr. Steve Everett and his Everett Group associates have designed and performed stakeholder and audience research for a broad range of clients large and small, governmental and commercial.