Most surveys promise to keep your identity confidential — but are you sure they do?

Ansanon never gathers names or contact info, so respondents know their identity and privacy are safe. They deliver more honest, trustworthy answers through our truly anonymous surveys.

Ansanon: When You Want the Truth

Most web-based survey tools today use emailed invitations to respondents, with embedded links to the online questionnaire. It’s convenient and easy for the researchers — and SOMEONE in the data-gathering process must know who you are to manage the data collection process. If anyone in the research pipeline knows your identity (even if they promise not to reveal it), that’s NOT anonymous measurement. Ansanon never captures identifying information in the first place, so our surveys are truly anonymous — providing a risk-free feedback opportunity for respondents. This is crucially important for sensitive topics such as sexual misconduct, substance abuse, supervisor or leader evaluations, institutional climate assessments, engagement or satisfaction measures — any topic where respondent honesty and comfort are compromised by any chance of being identified.

“Man is least himself
when he talks in his own person.

Give him a mask,
and he will tell you the truth.”

Oscar Wilde

Truly Anonymous Staff Surveys

Ansanon for Staff combines our signature anonymous measurements with a self-service web tool that any company or organization may use to easily measure employee/staff opinion, feelings, experiences, intentions and behaviors. Year-long subscriptions for small firms or organizations start at less than $1,000. Capture “slice of time” measurements with single surveys, trend data with multiple surveys and compare your organization’s results with aggregated answers from all other Ansanon customers using the same survey question(s). Easy and powerful!

Truly Anonymous Student Surveys

Ansanon for Students employs our anonymous measurement system with a customized, rigorous survey approach. Our Ph.D. researchers work with client institutions to develop targeted questions, program them on our web-survey platform, field the survey anonymously, capture and analyze the data using sophisticated statistical techniques, then prepare briefing decks and/or narrative reports, as the client wishes. Because each project is unique, pricing varies. We expect most one-shot surveys to come in at less than $10,000 (that price grows if a client wishes us to visit campus to conduct focus groups, briefings, etc.).

Truly Satisfied Clients

Present and past Everett Group and Ansanon Clients

Truly Experienced

You might be wondering — who are the people behind Ansanon, and what are their qualifications? The tools have been developed by senior social scientists of the Everett Group (, very experienced audience researchers with a successful 20-year track record of work for government and commercial clients. We’ve designed and fielded hundreds of surveys and focus groups, mainly for the U.S. Air Force Office of Public Affairs and for NASA. Our senior staff members each have more than 30 years of experience in the survey and opinion research field and have helped lead the industry as officers in preeminent professional research organizations. We’ve also taught opinion and survey research methods and concepts for many years at major universities. We know our stuff.

Ansanon® is a new name in the research business, but the developers and creators of the platform are not. Since 1999, Dr. Steve Everett and his Everett Group associates have designed and performed stakeholder and audience research for a broad range of clients large and small, governmental and commercial.